5 Essential Power Walking Tips for Starters

  • by Kramer Holmes
  • 1 year ago
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Power walking, commonly referred to as race walking or fitness walking is a type of aerobic exercise that involves taking fast strides with the intention of burning calories. It is an effective way of working out because it helps burn more calories compared to other cardiovascular exercises.

This type of can be intensive, make sure your diet provides enough energy because you will need it. You can also incorporate the use of energy product to supplement your diet. Beginners may find a difficult time when it comes to doing this type of exercises. There is more skill to it than just walking. Here is how you can go about your power walking effectively, especially if you are a starter.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You should put on comfortable shoes that fit you properly. The shoes you purchase should be light and also give you room to breathe. Your walking shoes should have a thick cushioning on the heel area. The thick cushioning is there to provide support, improve flexibility and soften the impacts when making your strides. You can replace your shoes after several months of use. Buy the right shoes if you want to get the best out of your power walking exercises.

Making Strides

One mistake most people make when power walking, especially for the first time is raising the length of their strides to cover more ground fast. This will do nothing but bring about an unintended strain on your knees and spine. Doing so will even use up most of your energy, and you may get worn out fast. The only way you can do this better is by increasing the pace in your strides if you want to do it more quickly. Keep your knees directly below for effective results.

Focus on the Different Skills

There are different skills or techniques you should follow for a practical power-walking session. Your arms should be involved more in this type of exercise. Swinging your arms will help you thrust forward effectively. One should also keep their hips at ease and work on moving them forward. Maintaining an upright posture is essential during the process. The right stepping technique you should follow is letting your heels hit the ground first as you make your strides.

Switch Terrains

The other thing you can do for an effective power walking exercise is switch terrains. Some of the different surfaces you can walk on include grass, gravel and sand. You can also pick a hilly location for a power walking exercise. Sandy and mountainous terrains are the best if you want to burn more calories.

Try Out Intervals

You should introduce intervals if you want to get the best out of your power walking exercises. They help improve endurance and facilitate weight loss to a certain extent. Set aside some minutes in your workout schedule that will see you walk at fast speeds. You can set aside about 2-5 minutes of your walking schedule that will see you increase your pace. One can skip a day before their next interval exercise to create room for recovery.

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