Marijuana Testing: Why Is it Important?

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  • 11 Months ago
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These days, state of the art laboratory testing has made it possible to determine the strength of your cannabis. As laws for medical marijuana have been passed in many states, there is an increasing demand for marijuana potency testing. Unlike other medical drugs, every marijuana strain may have varying tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels, different Cannabidiols (CBDs) in varying percentages, and various effects on the body and mind based on such factors.

Determining Cannabis Potency

A marijuana potency testing is carried out in a laboratory using a cannabis sample. Often, this sample goes through the procedure called Ultra-Performed Liquid Chromatography which is meant to identify the specific chemical composition and the percentages of every compound in cannabis.

In terms of marijuana potency, it is important to understand that CBDs, THC, and terpene interact to offer benefits to users. Cannabis has dozens of compounds which can have medical benefits.

The Significance of Determining Marijuana Potency

Because THC is a psychoactive compound, a high level of strain can be powerful and change perception, particularly for those who are new to cannabis. Also, strains with lots of CBDs provide medical and health benefits, without the high sensation offered by THC.

Importance of Consistent Medical Marijuana Dosing

Marijuana potency testing allows for consistent dosing. Patients should know the exact dose which helps with their symptoms. Also, they have to determine strains and products which can offer the exact dose and potency to get the desired effects from medical marijuana. Testing makes it possible to tell the potency of a strain.

But, it is important to note that some patients with certain medical conditions may require specific THC levels to get the best results. Those who use a product that has a marijuana potency which is too high, they could experience unpleasant side effects. A number of medical conditions are likely to require very specific CBD or THC percentage. Marijuana used is for treating the medical conditions and the symptoms to give patients the relief they need and this is easier to do if the potency is determined.

Testing Laboratories Vary

Laboratories which test marijuana potency are not created equal. This makes it important to choose a verified laboratory. The best laboratories are those that employ a lot of workers and use just proven and certified methods. Before using a laboratory for testing services, it must be researched and reviewed thoroughly. Reputable laboratories also provide other testing services such as microbial testing, Residual solvent testing, and mold testing.

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