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Tips to Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction and Do Something About It

  • by Kramer Holmes
  • 11 Months ago
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Diagnosing the exact reasons behind erectile dysfunction can be complicated as both the physical and psychological factors are involved. Erectile dysfunction is very common in the age group of 40 and above in men. However, erectile dysfunction can be treated with proper medication of generic Cialis and healthy lifestyle. Determining the cause that leads to erectile disorder is the key to reverse it back to normal. Though, finding the exact cause can be difficult as both psychological and physical factors are involved. Your doctor may investigate and looking onto the following factors to evaluate the exact reasons –

  • The first and foremost thing that your doctor will take into consideration is your history. He will ask you several questions related to your diet, lifestyle, habits, whether you do sufficient exercise and rest. He may even ask you about your stress levels if any medications you take, details of your sex life to determine the risk factors.
  • A complete physical test may be prescribed which includes measurement of all vital organs such as heart, genitals, and abdomen. Your doctor may even consider a prostate and rectal test if necessary. During the visit, your doctor will give special attention to the penis and its nerve supply.
  • Your doctor may check for hormone disbalance by examining secondary sex characteristics such as loss of pubic hair or armpit hair. A problem with the endocrine system can affect the hormone level with the erectile disorder.
  • Any kind of circulatory problem might be an indication of erectile dysfunction. Disease of the large artery can cause ED as it is responsible for supplying blood to the abdomen and lower limbs.
  • A routine test may also be prescribed which involves urine test, blood count, measurement of liver enzymes, and lipid profile. This test can identify if there is an alow level of testosterone in the blood which indicates endocrine abnormalities.
  • Another test which is known as nocturnal penile tumescence is prescribed to check if there is an erection while you are asleep. This test is considered important to identify the exact cause behind ED whether it is a psychological cause or physical cause.
  • Test to evaluate the penile arteries and veins is conducted in a few cases. It will include the use of certain medications to assess erection, ultrasound, and angiography.

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction will vary in accordance with its cause. Therefore, each person will experience different symptoms related to the underlying cause.

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