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Testosterone Therapy For Males – Benefits and drawbacks

  • by Kramer Holmes
  • 3 Years ago
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Your body starts losing its normal Testosterone level after crossing 40 years old. That point they require some treatment, whether it is some substitute therapy, a little herbal medicines or opting for steroid drugs. But which works perfect for which situation that may only be based upon physician and no-one else.

Just the age isn’t the only component that signifies the Testosterone deficiency. Age where Testosterone deficiency will occur can differ for every person. There are more changes that indicate when Testosterone deficiency occurs and individuals changes are pointed out below.

o Decreasing muscle strength and mass

o Alterations in levels of cholesterol

o Mild Anemia or reduction in hemoglobin

o Alterations in fat levels

o Energy deficiency

o Mood variation

o Less libido

When these signs and symptoms or mixture of these signs and symptoms occurs that point men might opt for some therapy to improve the standard Testosterone level.

There are several benefits and drawbacks of all of the therapies can be found.


– Therapy restores sexual function.

– Prevents bone loss

– Protects from cardiovascular disease

– Improve muscle strength

– Energy deficiency disappears

– Improve the caliber of hair and skin

– Improve sexual interest

– Improve cognitive functions

– Decrease depression and irritability


– Develop benign development of prostate and cause urinary problems.

– Can be cultivated cancer of the prostate in some instances.

– Enlargement of breasts or gynecomastia.

– Can be cultivated cancer of the breast.

– Cause testicular atrophy.

– Can limit sperm production or may cause infertility

– May cause fluid retention, skin reaction, hair loss, sleeping disorder and acne.

So you ought to think about these benefits and drawbacks prior to going for just about any therapy for the treatment of Testosterone deficiency.

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